Is Britney Free?

For 13 years, Britney Spears has been held in a permanent probate conservatorship controlled by her father, Jamie Spears, with the assistance of business manager Lou M. Taylor, entertainment manager Larry Rudolph, attorneys Andrew Wallet & Samuel Ingham, and professional fiduciary Jodi Montgomery. Britney's conservators control her finances and her person, which includes her movements, visitors, medical care, and legal decisions. As a conservatee, Britney Spears has been blocked from having custody of her children, choosing her own doctor and medical treatment, and hiring a lawyer of her choice. Her conservators decide whether or not she works, as she cannot enter into contracts for herself because she is legally not her own person. Britney Spears needs permission from her conservators to leave her house or spend any of her own money.


Britney's conservators maintain that she is too disabled due to dementia to care for herself despite an active career and personal life. During the thirteen years of Spears's conservatorship she has repeatedly toured the world, released multiple albums, and worked on a variety of television shows. The judge who initially approved the permanent probate conservatorship stated that it was for protecting her finances and businesses.

This site compiles news stories and court documents pertaining to Spears' conservatorship, as well as profiles of the people involved. The References & Resources page has further information on conservatorships & guardianships, which can be imposed on any person with money or property.