2018 Accounting of Conservatorship

Source: L.A. Superior Court via BreatheHeavy

On August 9, 2019, conservator Jamie Spears filed the eleventh accounting of Britney Spears' conservatorship, for the calendar year 2018. The document reports the finances of Britney’s estate from January 1, 2018-December 31, 2018. Britney's estate’s costs include over $900,000 in accounting and legal expenses, such as payments to conservators and their own lawyers. Britney's personal living expenses for the year total $412,121.

Other highlights:

"The Conservatee has substantial assets held in various trusts which are not subject to this Conservatorship proceeding and are not included in this Eleventh Account."

"Most of the active [business] entities were formed after the Conservatorship was established and therefore are not reflected in the Inventories. The entities created after the Conservatorship was established are also not reflected in the Schedule of Property on Hand at the End of Account Period for the reasons set forth in this paragraph."

"Due to the difficulties in valuing the Conservatee's Intellectual Property, including without limitation, trademarks, royalties, copyrights, name and likeness, these assets are not valued at this time pursuant to Order of the Court filed 3/16/2010."

Jamie Spears' company, Spears Management, LLC, rents storage space from Britney Spears' Bridgemore Timber, LLC.

Jamie has a conservatorship bond for $47,285,400 "which is sufficient" for Britney's "substantial other assets which are not subject to this conservatorship".

Britney's conservatorship accounts show bond premium payments for Andrew Wallet of $33,280 for 2018.

Spears' residual income from 2018 was less than $10,000.