Britney's June 23 Court Statement

Source: L.A. Superior Court

On June 23, 2021, Britney Spears spoke to the LA Probate Court regarding her conservatorships. This was the first hearing in which she spoke publicly as all her previous court appearances in this case were closed to the public.

A full transcript of the hearing was included in a petition filed by Britney's attorney, Mathew Rosengart, on July 26, 2021.

In California, certain professionals, including health practitioners and court employees, are legally obligated to report instances of abuse of dependent disabled adults to law enforcement. Despite Britney's allegations of abuse from her caregivers, no plan to address potential harm was made during the June 23 hearing.


Highlights of the statement include:

  • Britney wants to file a petition to end her conservatorship.

  • Britney asks to choose her own lawyer. Court-appointed attorney Samuel Ingham advised Britney to not share any of her allegations publicly. Britney had to do her own research on terminating conservatorships and only recently learned that she has always had the right to petition the court to end the conservatorship.

  • Britney alleges that the conservatorship team regularly threatens & punishes her for disagreeing with them and makes her feel like her home is a rehab facility. Abuse allegations were levied against Britney's conservators, caregivers, and doctors, but few details of the abuse were forthcoming.

  • Britney argues that her professional work is evidence of her capacity to manage her own affairs.

  • Britney admits that she lied when saying she was okay & happy in her past public statements.

  • Britney's understanding is that the cancellation of the 2019 Las Vegas residency was caused by her refusal to change choreography during a rehearsal for the show.

  • The allegations in the anonymous voicemail included in an April 2019 episode of the podcast Britney's Gram were confirmed. Britney compares her stay in a rehab facility from January - April 2019 to sex trafficking. In May 2019, Britney presented information on being drugged & confined during the previous four months to Judge Brenda Penny but felt that her abuse allegations and request for change to the conservatorship were ignored.

  • An IUD has been implanted in Britney that her conservators will not allow her to have removed, interfering with her desire to have more children.

  • Britney wants to sue her family for not helping her while living off of her conservatorship.

  • Britney alleges that her personal conservator forces her to visit therapists with offices in public locations rather than her home as was previously arranged. Her personal conservator doesn't allow her to visit friends or receive personal care treatments.

  • Britney is troubled that the state of California has had documentation of her abuse allegations for years and has not acted to protect her. She insists that the laws governing conservatorships need to change.

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