Geraldine Wyle during Britney Spears' 5150 hold

Source: L.A. Superior Court

On February 4, 2008, attorney Geraldine Wyle submitted a declaration to L.A. Superior Court chronicling the timeline of Wyle's involvement in Britney Spears' case while she was at UCLA Medical Center on an involuntary hold.

February 2, 2008

9am: UCLA Medical Center medical personnel contacted Wyle to inform her that Tara Scott of Trope & Trope, who worked on Spears' child custody case, "visited for a very short while, [then] Britney stated that she was too tired to talk."

1:12pm: Wyle & Vivian Thoreen of Luce Forward, who worked for Jamie Spears, received an email from Adam Streisand of Loeb & Loeb LLP. Wyle responded that Streisand should contact Jeryll Cohen of Luce Forward, as Wyle was on vacation.

Early afternoon: Wyle "contacted Dr. James Long, a psychiatrist who had treated Britney at some point in 2007 and has had some reporting function to the family law court". Wyle informed him about the conservatorship and Jamie's need for a "capacity declaration so that the Court could make necessary determinations relating to the conservatorships." Wyle's message included an explanation of both the "content and format of the capacity declaration". Dr. Long replied "that he needed to talk to his lawyer". Wyle followed up with a voicemail message that evening and a page the next morning.

February 3, 2008

Dr. Long responded to Wyle "that he had been instructed by his attorney not to discuss the matter with [Wyle]." She asked to speak with Dr. Long's attorney. Dr. Long called the hotel where she was staying and "asked the receptionist to give [Wyle] the message that neither Dr. Long nor his counsel may speak with [Wyle]."

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