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In preparation for Andrew Wallet resigning as co-conservator of the estate of Britney Spears in May, on March 5, 2019 Geraldine Wyle filed Amended Letters of Conservatorship over the estate of Britney Spears on behalf of James Spears (affirmed by James Spears in Nashville, Tennessee February 28, 2019). The filing states that James "is deemed to replace Andrew M. Wallet for all purposes under The Investment Orders".

The standard powers of an estate conservator in California include managing contracts, operating businesses, paying bills, and hiring employees to assist in managing the estate.

This amendment grants James Spears additional powers:

  • "obtain all documents and records relating to the Conservatee and her assets"

  • "take all actions necessary to secure the Conservatee's assets"

  • "revoke all powers of attorneys, including powers of attorney for making health care decisions and managing real estate, and to terminate any and all agencies"

  • "participate in any litigation with respect to which the Conservatee is a party or has an interest, and the power to retain counsel and experts, and to pay same from the Conservatorship Estate, not only as to the family law case but for any other matter"

  • "perform any and all acts that the Conservatee can perform...with respect to the local, state, or federal tax liabilities of the Conservatee"

  • "assert the Conservatee's rights in any trust established for her benefit"

  • "prosecute civil harassment restraining orders"

  • "pursue opportunities related to professional commitments and activities...so long as they are approved by Ms. Spears' medical team"

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