Lutfi & Eardley restraining order hearings according to the L.A. Times

In February 2009, hearings commenced regarding temporary restraining orders against Lutfi, Adnan Ghalib, and Jon Eardley. Jamie Spears testified in court about the difficulties of being his daughter's conservator. Reporter Harriet Ryan describes the former cook as "the picture of resigned misery." Jamie's accusations against Sam Lutfi include stories of someone sneaking a phone to Britney at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills that she used to try contacting Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib, as well as Lutfi texting Britney's hairdresser in an attempt to contact Britney herself. Jamie admitted that “Sometimes [Britney] is allowed to use the cellphone and sometimes she is not.” He also said that while she is confused “sometimes,” she is ready to perform onstage.

Source: Control of Britney Spears’ life is her father’s prerogative

The restraining order hearings continued with testimony from Britney's hairdresser, Roberta Romero. Romero testified that Sam Lutfi called her and sent her numerous text messages about Spears in an attempt to contact her. When made aware of the messages, Britney told Roberta that "she is scared of him."

The Times reports, "The stylist’s testimony bolstered the allegation, advanced by lawyers for the singer’s father, James Spears, that Lutfi is part of a conspiracy to break her out of the court-ordered conservatorship."

Source: Hairdresser says man tried to use her to reach Spears

On March 13, Jon Eardley appeared in L.A. County Superior Court to fight the restraining order granted against him in 2008 after he tried to represent Spears in her conservatorship case. Eardley testified "that Spears hired him in a call that ended abruptly when the phone was apparently grabbed from her hand."

The Times reports Judge Reva "Goetz said it was 'shocking' that Eardley would ask for a new lawyer to represent Spears, particularly in light of her 'remarkable' improvement over the last year.

"The singer’s court-appointed lawyer, Samuel Ingham III, said Spears 'expressly repudiated Mr. Eardley’s involvement' and wanted to remain under the conservatorship." Britney Spears was not present at the hearing.

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On April 1, witnesses appeared in L.A. Superior Court to testify in another hearing regarding restraining orders against Lutfi & Eardley. The Times reports that Attorney Blair Berk testified to "Lutfi made threats 'of an extortative nature' during a January phone call, prompting her to contact law enforcement." Further, Spears had asked her to have Lutfi arrested “for what he had done to her.”

Attorney John Anderson testified that Lutfi & Eardley "tried to get him to enter the case on Spears’ behalf in January and even provided him with a retainer agreement purportedly signed by Spears...after learning that Spears was barred from hiring her own counsel and speaking with lawyers for her father, he decided not to get involved."

Lutfi's attorney, Bryan Freedman, called his sister, Christina Lutfi, to defend her brother. Christina testified that Spears called Sam Lutfi repeatedly in January 2009 "seeking help in hiring a lawyer" and saying that she was "scared of her own father and wanted access to a cellphone." Christina stated that Spears thanked her for surreptitiously passing a cell phone from Sam to Spears "during a secret meeting in the sauna room of Beverly Hills’ Peninsula Hotel" in January 2009. Jamie Spears previously testified that the phone was confiscated from Spears in February 2009 by a security guard Jamie had hired.

Source: Witnesses describe Spears’ relationship with Lutfi

Ultimately, Commissioner Aviva Bobb issued three-year restraining orders against Sam Lutfi and Jon Eardley. They must stay at least 100 yards away from to Britney Spears and her sons. Lutfi was also barred from contacting Spears and filing legal papers on her behalf.