Request for restraining order against Lutfi & Ghalib

Source: Superior Court of California

On January 30, 2009, Geraldine Wyle filed a declaration regarding an ex parte request for a temporary restraining order against Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib.

Wyle explains that no notice can be given because Lutfi & Ghalib are "intentionally avoiding any direct contact with Ms. Spears and Mr. Spears' security".

The filing contains documents and exhibits in support of the request for a restraining order.

1. A letter from Wyle on behalf of her client Jamie Spears to Sam Lutfi from July 30, 2008 countersigned by Lutfi. The letter is an agreement for Spears to no longer pursue a restraining order against Lutfi so long as Lutfi agrees to stay away from Britney, Jamie, and Lynne Spears. The final stipulation states: "This letter agreement and the terms thereof shall be kept strictly confidential."

2. A declaration of Jamie Spears regarding events involving Lutfi in December 2008 and January 2009. Spears claims that Lutfi was texting Britney's hairdresser, sending harassing direct messages to Jamie, a call from Lutfi to Jamie, and numerous calls and texts between Britney and Lutfi & Ghalib. Evidence of the communications were attached but sealed in the court record due to "The overriding interest in avoiding distress to the Spears family and the harm to Ms. Spears' health and recovery".

3. A declaration of Jeffrey Wexler, an attorney for Jamie Spears. Wexler details his interactions with attorney John Anderson, whom Jon Eardley & Sam Lutfi had attempted to retain to legally represent Britney Spears in her conservatorship case.

4. A letter from Jon Eardley to Britney Spears dated January 28, 2008. Eardley offers his legal services to Spears in her conservatorship case. Two weeks later, Eardley went on to file a notice to remove the conservatorship from the California court system to a Federal court due to civil rights violations. Two weeks later still, Judge Philip Gutierrez ruled against Eardley.