Response to request for Federal court

Source: L.A. District Court

On February 19, 2008, co-conservators Jamie Spears & Andrew Wallet filed a motion arguing against Jon Eardley’s request to move the conservatorship case to Federal court. They contend that Eardley cannot file on behalf of Britney Spears as she lacks the capacity to hire her own attorney, that Eardley's filing was a device to thwart a second extension of the conservatorship on February 14, and that the case doesn’t involve any issues under federal jurisdiction. Judge Philip Gutierrez filed an order to show cause regarding attorney Jon Eardley’s request to move Britney’s conservatorship case to Federal Court.

The co-conservators' motion includes:

  • A narrative of the initial conservatorship request and two extensions.

  • A mistaken reference to the physician who declared Britney unfit to appear in court or hire her own attorney as “Dr. Ingham”. [Mr. Ingham being her court appointed attorney, and Dr. Spar being the physician.]

  • Co-conservators were granted the authority to fire business manager Howard Grossman.

  • A hearing on a permanent conservatorship was already scheduled for March 10, 2008.

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