Transcript of July 14, 2021 Hearing

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Source: L.A. Superior Court

On July 14, 2021, a hearing regarding Britney Spears's legal counsel was held in Stanley Mosk Courthouse. The next hearing is scheduled for September 29, 2021 at 1:30 pm.

Transcript highlights include:

After Judge Brenda Penny thanks Britney for attending the hearing, Britney politely tells her, "You're welcome."

Several attorneys voice support for Britney's ability to choose her own attorney. Attorneys advocating for her repeat that they need to do what is in the "best interest" of the conservatee.

Judge Penny allows Britney to retain Mathew Rosengart as her new attorney. Samuel Ingham, Britney's court-appointed counsel, and Loeb & Loeb agree to resign as Britney's attorneys.

Judge Penny explains that she only signed off on her November 10, 2020 orders in June 24, 2021 because Samuel Ingham hadn't filed the paperwork until then. Representatives of Bessemer Trust confirm that they never did any work on the conservatorship.

Vivien Thoreen wants a thorough explanation of settled matters in the court record.

Judge Penny states, "the courtroom and the courthouse and the courtrooms are always open".


Britney does not have the phone number of her new attorney in her phone. She thanks Judge Penny for releasing Mr. Wallet and Loeb & Loeb from their roles as her attorneys. She again explicitly requests to remove her father Jamie as her conservator and petition to end the conservatorship without another evaluation, which Mr. Ingham was unable to advise her on.

Ma'am, there should be no threats at all to me ever. If I don't want to do what they say, and I say no to a show, I should never be threatened.

Britney goes into further detail on the treatment facility she was held in during the first quarter of 2019, which she had previous spoken about in court in May 2019 and June 2020. She details daily blood draws and not being allowed her vitamins or coffee. She cried when recounting getting a therapy dog to help her cope with anxiety.

I started honestly to just think that they were trying to kill me.

Britney refers to child abuse allegations that led to her children being granted a restraining order against her conservator father as an indication that he also abuses her. She wants him investigated.

Rumors that Britney agreed to touring under duress are confirmed; her conservators promised they would end the conservatorship if she did well. She explains that any of her mistakes or breakdowns were caused by being in a conservatorship.

Britney stated her preference for conservator Jodi Montgomery to stay in place to "make different rules that benefit me."

My family never cared

The Spears family vacationing in Britney's Florida condo while she was in the facility against her will particularly upset her.


Ms. Thoreen alleges that Jamie's grandchildren receive death threats!

Jodi's attorney, Ms. Wright, complains that millions are spent on attorney fees but $50k won't be provided to Jodi for improving her home security. Ms. Thoreen states that Britney's estate is already paying for security for Jodi, but both she & Mr. Rosengart agree to work with Jodi on this request for $50k.

Regarding Britney's statement to the court on June 23, 2021, Ms. Thoreen alleges that Britney said "a lot of misstatements, misunderstandings, and whether it's because of a lack of recollection, whether there has been misinformation, whether it's been a lack of correcting, understanding", and that her memories are "incorrect". She again questions Britney's capacity to understand what she said later in the hearing and further refers to the concerns as "hysteria".

Jamie would like the concerns raised in the June 23 hearing investigated. Ms. Thoreen acknowledges that Britney has repeatedly asked to end the conservatorship. She also admits that there is no court order stating that "Ms. Spears does not have the capacity to make informed medical decisions".

Ms. Wright states that Britney has a mental illness right before calling for maintaining the privacy of her medical records. She also shares that Jodi is putting together a new care plan to address the issues raised on June 23. There is "a pretty strong recommendation by the medical team that Mr. Spears, her father, needs to be off of the conservatorship." Regarding Jamie's control of funds for health care, "Nothing gets approved; the trips the vacations, an increase in services." Ms. Wright asks for mediation between Jodi & Jamie so that they can be a team.

Ms. Rosengart states that he was appalled by Ms. Thoreen's statements and insists that "the goal here is not to put Ms. Spears on trial". He also questions whether the conservatorship should have been put in place to begin with, as well as Jamie's motivations for not stepping down after what Britney said publicly on June 23.

Mr. Jones complains that "this system is broken. This is lawyers gone wild."

Judge Penny complained about too many last minute filings straining the court's probate attorneys.

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